Electrical department Rotech

At Rotech it all started with electrical installations and our company has ever since been growing. We provide our clients with all kinds of electrical installations, from residential to commercial installation. Our electrical department can help you with your site inspection, designing your electrical installation, making the correct drawings of your system, the actual installation of the electrical installation, do the examination for government instances such as your local energy supplier and the department of technical inspections affairs and resolve malfunctions in your current electrical installation.

Our electrical department can install a simple light fixture for you as well as a complete home or commercial installation and wiring. All the projects start out with a site survey, then we design a new or upgrade existing designs of the installation. After this is done there will be a price calculation of the project, after which drawings will be made. With these drawings our installation  engineers can perform the installation of the upgraded or new installation. At the end we as Rotech make sure  your drawings and installation meet all local laws and requirements so the whole installation will get through the inspection of the department of technical inspections and your local power supplier.

Our policies are that we always finish the projects on time and as specified together with our clients. We always are there for our clients with rapid response times when a client of ours has a malfunction in their electrical installation. Our electrical engineers are trained professionals which always comply with local safety and the local electrical engineering standards.

For more information about our electrical department feel free to contact us.