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Rotech Installatietechniek is the Caribbean supplier of high quality and efficient LED products. From simple LED bulbs to the most advanced LED lighting projects, we will supply you with the best quality LED’s for the best price. Rotech Installatietechniek has done a variety of different projects all across the island of Aruba from a small and simple house installation with only LED lights to the complicated installation of a whole ballroom in a hotel.

We offer our client all different kinds of LED light fixtures. Bulbs that you can connect into a normal socket, LED tubes, RGB strips. You just have to tell us what you want for your project and we will provide you with our expertise and provide you with the best LED solution for your project.

There are a few things to know about LED’s. One of the most important things to know about LED is that they can save about 80% on your light electricity bill. And that they have a longer lifespan then normal conventional light bulbs and fluorescent bulbs.

 Lighting technology

Estimated lifespan


30,000-50,000 hours


8,000-15,000 hours


1,000-5,000 hours


1,000 hours

White LED lighting has different light colors. Like with conventional bulbs you can have a yellowish light but also a clear bright white light. The image of the color temperature is just for illustration purposes, and if you really want to know the color temperatures of LED we advise you to ask for a demonstration.

The common belief is that LED is only for show lighting but nowadays LED technology has advanced so much that it’s accessible for home owners as well. The technology has evolved from expensive custom light fixtures to normal type light bulbs with LED technology.


For more information about LED lighting feel free to contact us.