Switching materials

Rotech Elektrotechniek offer their clients world know brands of electrical switching gear. From simple wall switches to stylish wall switches with lights to show you it’s turned on. Rotech Elektrotechniek uses Leviton as their supplier for switching gear and most of the other electrical gear ensuring their client quality products. We also provide our clients with all different kinds of power outlets. From the simple household double power outlet to power outlets with USB ports so it becomes easy to charge your smartphone or tablet or such devices.

Cable systems
Rotech Elektrotechniek offers their clients varieties of cables and cabling systems. It all depends on the requirements of the client and local laws and requirements regarding electrical installations. Rotech Elektrotechniek also provides cable management system, the purpose of cable management is twofold: to support the cables whilst being routed through the building from Point A to B (often called containment), and to make subsequent management of the cables through the lifetime of the installation easier.

Fuse boxes
Rotech Elektrotechniek provides their clients with custom fuse boxes. From fuse boxes for a worksite, temporary fuse boxes to new or updated fuse boxes for buildings. Nowadays new building installations are done with circuit-breakers and ground fault circuit breakers instead of the old wire fuses which were much more unreliable. Rotech Elektrotechniek commonly gets the request to replace an old fuse box with wire fuses to a modern fuse box with circuit breakers. We use top of the line circuit breakers to ensure our clients get a safe fuse box.

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