Backup power systems

Rotech Elektrotechniek currently offers their clients generators as a backup power system. Generators are used in large commercial buildings and industrial sites which require uninterruptable power feeds. Generators are commonly used in combination with a UPS for when a power outage occurs. If you live in an area where power outages are common and have critical systems which need to stay operational a generator and UPS are recommended.

Rotech Elektrotechniek works together with the leading brands in the world to ensure their clients an uninterrupted power feed to ensure that your critical systems keep running even when the power grid is down.Rotech Elektrotechniek will also do preventive and corrective maintenance on either your generator or UPS system. This work will be carried out by our highly trained professionals. Rotech Elektrotechniek also offers their clients a service maintenance contract, with which our clients are ensured that their generator or UPS are maintained and serviced either either every month, every half year or every year.

For more information about backup power systems and the services which Rotech offers to their clients, don’t hesitate to contact us.