Biokube is biological cleaning of wastewater for single houses, resorts, cities and industries.

BioKube manufactures and sells systems for biological cleaning of waste water. For household waste water BioKube cleanes it all, both black and grey. The treated water is safe to be reused, typically for irrigation. With a BioKube, wastewater is not a problem, it is a valuable asset.BioKube wastewater systems are sold in 43 countries and our network of distributors in exspanding. 

BioKube  for 1 - 4 houses - BioKube Pluto and Venus.

BioKube Pluto and Venus are designed to treat wastewater from a single house. A BioKube Venus measures only Ø 105 cm.
BioKube Venus in operation lille.jpg


BioKube for 5 - 20 houses - BioKube Mars.

BioKube Mars is designed to treat waste water from 5 - 20 houses. Below two Mars 3000 installed at a school in Polen. The system is designed to treats 15 m3 / day. A BioKube Mars 3000 measures Ø 199 cm.
Polen 2 Mars 3000.jpg

BioKube for 10 - 75 m3/day - BioKube Jupiter.

BioKube Jupiter system is built of moduels each cleaning 10 - 75 m3 / day. A BioKube Jupiter 75 moduel pictured below measures 216 x 395 cm. For shipment the moduels fit into a standard shipping container.BioKube Jupiter Kuala Lumpur University - www.jpg

BioKube for 50 - 2.000 m3/day - BioKube BioReactor.

BioKube BioReactor system is built of standard moduele each cleaning from 60 to 110 m3 /day. The BioReactor system pictured below is built of 8 BioReactor 150 moduels each cleaning 110 m3 / day. A BioReactot 150 moduel measures 228 x 220 cm. For shipment the moduels fit into a standard shipping container.
BioKube BioReactor factory Polen 6 - www.jpg


BioKube Uranus - transportable systems in containers.

BioKube Uranus systems will treat from 60 - 200 m3 /day in one standard 20 or 40 foot open top shipping container. The systems are built to handle the extra stress of frequent beeing moved. The Two Uranus in 20 foot containers pictured below are used by the Japanese Army at a temporary military camp in Djibuti on the Horn in Africa. BioKube Uranus used by Japanese Army in Djibuti.jpg

BioKube systems will always fulfill the required local outlet requirements.

The outlet requirements are very different from one country to another. A BioKube system will always be delivered in a configuration where the requirements set by the local authorities are met. The typical cleaning requirements BioKube delivers to are:
BOD < 10 mg/l and NH4 < 5 mg/l (EU Elite requirements)
BOD < 20 mg/l and NH4 < 20 mg/l
BOD < 25 mg/l no NH4 requirement (EU standard requirement)
BOD < 30 mg/l no NH4 requirement.
BioKube also makes systems with removal of P (Phospate) and total Nitrogen reduction

BioKube treats waste water so clean, that it can be safely reused.

BioKubes cleaning process is so efficient that the treated water can be reused, typically for irrigation. The cleaned water is typically either stored in a pond or in a underground storage tank before it is reused. Treated wastewater at an oilfield in the dessert. A simple construction with a plastic liner gives water that is ready for secondary use. 
   BioKube Uranus Kuwait 1 - www.jpg

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