Commercial Automation at Mandara Spa
This project combined two of our departments together to install LED lighting which is controlled by a Control4 controller. For the renovation of Mandara Spa situated in Marriott Rotech Elektrotechniek used two innovation technologies. They wanted an installation of LED lighting but it had to be controlled using a Control4 controller for light commercial automation. This controller is used to control the light settings of all the LED lights installed at Mandara Spa and also to control the audio for this spa.

For this project we used a variety of LED lights such as RGB strips in the cove of the main entrance, LED spots in the ceiling, LED spots on a track and also some special LED fixtures for underneath shelves ...

Modernization of a control cabinet at Arubaanse wegenbouw
Project Arubaanse wegenbouw

At the asphalt plant of the Arubaanse wegenbouw(Aruban road construction company) there was the need to modernize their control cabinet which operates the bitumen pumps. Arubaanse wegenbouw asked us to provide them with a brand new and updated control cabinet to ensure safety in their plant.

We at Rotech Elektrotechniek engaged into this project by constructing a cabinet with the various needed components. The components we used in this...