DTZ, Boogaard Building – Total Electrical Installation

DTZ, Boogaard Building

We completed a tremendous amount of electrical wiring work on the Boogaard Building here in Aruba, including total electrical installations for multiple building occupants such as Directie Telecommunicatie Zaken (DTZ) or the Department of Telecommunications.

Work Done: Foundation ground installation; main PVC conduits installation; cable tray installations; electrical ceiling pipes installations; pulling wires and cables; install all switches, outlets and maintenance work switches; install and connect all lighting fixtures; installing electrical panels and ATS; electrical drawings; ground test; all inspections and approvals by NV ELMAR/DTI.

DTZ, Boogard Building Electrical Installation

ADDRESS: Rumbastraat 19, Orarnjestad, Aruba
PHONE: +297 582-6069
WEBSITE: http://www.dtz.aw