Power Analysis and Management Solutions

When you need to know if your power system is efficient or what might be causing problems with power quality in your building or facility, that’s when you need the power analysis and management services of Rotech.

One example of the many challenges you might face is called load switching. When a significant item or system is powered up, the sudden new draw or load on the power system can cause overall system voltage to drop so far that other critical equipment malfunctions. One of the many features of the Fluke power analyzer devices we use is their PowerWave function. This feature allows us to capture voltage, current and frequency signals simultaneously at a high speed so we can see which interaction is potentially causing power quality problems. This PowerWave analysis a significant improvement over standard power quality measurements and allows us to quickly capture robust data to assess your power system and its performance. This equipment is also used for testing backup power equipment and UPS systems to make sure you’re ready for any power outages that might occur.

Other issues Rotech can address with our power analysis and management services include assessing the efficiency of any power inverter systems that are in place for converting solar panel DC power into AC power for use in a building or facility. Inverter systems degrade over time, and it’s important to know how much power is being lost in the conversion process. In fact, the robust capabilities of the power analysis equipment we use can quickly assess the overall efficiency of your entire power system to identify how much power is being wasted and what that wasted power is costing you so you can make an informed decision about fixing power quality problems. When you want to get a quick snapshot of your power system’s performance and problems, Rotech’s power analysis and management services are invaluable!

Power Quality Problems? Contact Rotech!

Whether your business is a major resort or hotel, a large office building, medical facility or hospital, or an industrial facility, few things are more frustrating than parts of the system not working well due to power quality problems. This is when you need the power analysis and management services of Rotech. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to quickly assess the overall performance of your system and identify problem areas that need to be fixed or improved.